Anna Dvorak


I am an artist and a chef. 

I see beauty and inspiration everywhere - and the best way I have of translating my experience with all this beauty is to paint large, watery landscapes in fluid acrylics.

And I think a lot about food - mostly easy and delicious ways to eat a natural, balanced diet.  I cook, create recipes, write cookbooks and lead a small, women-focused food movement to bring healthier food into our daily lifestyles.

I am never bored. And I love my life.


I love to paint...

My work reflects inspiration drawn from the natural world, from rock formations of major rift zones to landscapes of the western plains - and utilizes a process - both technical and emotional - that moves from representation toward abstraction.

...and I love to cook.

I am a self-taught chef. I grew up in a home where food and shared time around eating was valued, with a mom who was (and is) an excellent cook and where natural, whole foods were part of our daily diet.